Getting the text converted from English to Urdu in a Second

By | February 20, 2020

A number of applications are available on the play store for different purposes. People from almost every country get benefit from these apps. Useful applications are quite famous such that you can see them in almost every mobile phone. For some Pakistanis, it has been observed that understanding English is a difficult task. We are aware that English has always been important language to understand but some people cannot learn it due to multiple reasons. This article will be helpful for you.

In this article, we are telling you about an app through which you can translate your desired text from English to Urdu by a single touch. Yes, you touch the text and that text will be converted into Urdu in a second. This app is called Snaptrans and is free available on the play store. This is developed by Cool translate team. When you open this app, you need to select the both languages i.e. the language you want to convert and the language you want to receive the text converted into. On the left side of your mobile phone, you will see an arrow button. When you click on that button, an icon will pop up. Select that icon and drag to any paragraph you want to see converted. When you leave that icon to the paragraph, that paragraph will be converted. You can see how easy and quick it is as it converts the text into your language in a second. You can also use this app for WhatsApp messages.

To see that icon on your screen, go to the accessibility option in the settings of your mobile phone and enable this application. After installation, also enable draw over other app option to use this translator on any app like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Click on the finish button and enjoy this app. This app can save you from any embarrassment as you can get the text translated from any language to the language you easily understand.

How to Download? Go the play store from your mobile device and type ‘“Snaptrans”. Download the app and install that on your mobile device.

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