Interview Preparation

By | February 20, 2020

When you have applied for a job and send your CV/ resume to a company or organization and they have selected your CV or resume for a particular post then the first step you need to take is prepare well for your interview. Chances that they will select you as the best suitable candidate for a job are when you describe and sell yourself well in the interview. So take time and work hard to prepare yourself for appearing in an interview.

Steps before interview

Below steps can be followed to prepare you before the day of interview:

  1. Research on the company, organization

Collect a complete detail about the company or organization.  Research on how the company works, what they do, which products they work on. Learn about the hierarchy of employees in the company/organization.

  1. Understand job description

One should understand what the job required from him/her. What are the requirements and objectives of the advertised job?

  1. Search for commonly asked questions and their answers

Prepare a list of some commonly asked questions and your reply on these questions. Some commonly asked questions are:

  • Why you are interested in this company or organization?
  • How the particular company works and what is its purpose?
  • Why you need a job or searching for particular next job?
  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your family members.
  • Tell us about yourself or what you want to achieve?
  • Why you left the previous job?
  • The reason that company/ organization should hire you?
  • What are your professional strengths and weaknesses?
  • How would you react and deal with a certain situation?
  1. Read your CV/ Resume carefully and prepare your answers for the questions that can be asked from your CV/Resume.
  1. Make copy of your CV and documents.
  1. Arrange your documents and CV in a clip holder in proper order.
  1. Search and choose a proper dress code for the job to wear.
  1. Before a day of interview have a nice sleep.

 On interview day:

Steps to follow on the day of interview:

  1. Get dress properly according to company requirement and culture. Brush your teeth and make your hairs.
  1. Reach early for an interview.
  1. Be confident, stay calm, say hello and have a good body language that is have a smiling face, eye contact, and proper posture.
  1. When asked introduce yourself and your family, precisely and shortly explain your previous work experience and achievements.
  1. Explain why you want job in this company. Want you want to learn and achieve in this company as compared to your previous jobs or experience.
  1. Have good communication skills. Listen to the asked questions carefully and then reply to the interviewer.
  1. Give precise and complete answers to all job related questions asked of you. In this respect commonly asked questions and the history and knowledge you gather and prepared before interview will help you a lot.
  1. Do not get confused when you get technical questions. Try to reply what you think of a problem. Ask additional question on the problem/question asked.
  1. Use professional language in interview, do not use in appropriate words, nor get too casual.
  1. Ask your own questions at the end of interview. Questions about the company that shows your knowledge about the company so the company knows that you are interested in them.
  1. Never ask them right away that how you performed or how was your interview.
  1. Say thank you to them for their time at the end and that soon you will like to hear from them or you are looking forward that they will consider you for the job.

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